Childline Botswana

Every year SPAR Botswana arranges the delivery of groceries and presents to Childline Botswana for their Children’s Christmas Party – we even take a clown with us to keep the children entertained!
Childline Botswana is a non-profit NGO founded in 1990. Childline is committed to helping children aged 0-18 who have been victims of abuse. They also extend help to parents who were abused as children and who fear that they may become abusers themselves. They provide public education on child abuse, children’s rights and positive parenting as well as telephone and face to face counselling. They carry out intervention on child abuse cases, prepare children for court and give concerned members of the public an opportunity to report suspected cases of abuse which are then investigated.
Childline social workers can accompany children to report a case at the Police Community Service Centre. They are networked with other organizations dealing with similar issues and can refer children to other organizations that offer services to children. Childline empowers children to protect and take care of themselves where possible. They also offer alternative care programs and parenting skills courses. If you would like to join SPAR in supporting Childline Botswana, visit childlinebotswana.org.