December 12, 2017

Eating Worms… Mopane Worms!

Some of Botswana’s most loved dishes can seem a little ‘out there’ and may not be what most tourists call ‘normal’ food. Mopane worms would definitely fit into that category. Named for the Mopane
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November 7, 2017

Botswanan Chicken in a Hole

Botswanan Chicken in a Hole, prepared in traditional fashion, requires slow-smoking the chicken in a hole in the backyard (As you will see in the directions below). But you can also prepare Botswanan Chicken
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October 19, 2017


Serobe is a favorite for many of the Tswana people. We would essentially know it as tripe and it is made from cooking the innards of a cow, sheep or goat until soft. The
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August 7, 2017

Bogobe Jwa Lerotse

Bogobe jwa lerotse is a type of porridge enjoyed at social gatherings, such as weddings. It does not contain meat so it works well as a vegetarian option. Botswana people live off a healthy
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