About Us

SPAR is one of the largest retailers in Southern Africa. At SPAR we work tirelessly to ensure that we meet the highest possible standards in both our products and service to our customers. Our mission is to meet the needs of each and every customer within the warm and welcoming environment of our stores.


The first SPAR Botswana store was opened in Orapa exclusively to serve the mining community in the area. The first open-to-the-public store was launched in Francistown in 1982. From there, another branch was opened in Gaborone three years later with a second Gaborone branch opening in 1987.

SPAR quickly built a strong relationship with the Department of Trade and Industry as we were recognised as being able to create substantial employment opportunities for Botswana citizens. The stores quickly became popular with Botswana’s residents as they would no longer have to make the long journey to South Africa to buy their groceries.

By the time our third branch opened, SPAR had become well known as a pioneer of retail trade in Botswana and even played a substantial role in the abolition of the Trading Hours Act in 1986 and several other changes in legislation. In the early days of SPAR’s presence in Botswana there were also little to no training facilities available to assist employees in becoming qualified for work in the retail sector. Recognising this need, SPAR sent new staff members to London to obtain their Diploma in Retail Management. Two of the employees who attended these courses are still with the company today – and one was recently honoured with the SPAR of the Year award.

Today over 42 SPAR, SUPERSPAR and Tops stores are operated throughout Botswana.



Join the SPAR family and become part of an internationally successful brand trading successfully  since 1982 with over 42 SPAR, SUPERSPAR and Tops stores now operating across Botswana. Our expert team will provide support and guidance every step of the way to ensure that your store is a success. Click here to find out more about owning your own SPAR store.


SPAR Botswana is committed to using our power within the community to take action in support of home grown initiatives in Botswana. Our business objectives are driven by our ability to have a positive environmental, economic and social impact on the communities that we operate within. Every year we further our ability to uplift and support local charity initiatives and conservation efforts as well as local athletes and sport events. 

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