August 28, 2017

SUPERSPAR Acacia Mall Officially Open!

On 24th August we celebrated the opening of the new Acacia Mall in Phakalane – and with it the opening of a new SUPERSPAR. The store’s official unveiling makes this the 30th SPAR Botswana
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August 14, 2017

Botswana by Safari

If you are looking for a true African Safari, Botswana is the perfect adventure destination. With tourism as one of the country’s most important revenue stream, Botswana really knows how to roll out the
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August 7, 2017

Bogobe Jwa Lerotse

Bogobe jwa lerotse is a type of porridge enjoyed at social gatherings, such as weddings. It does not contain meat so it works well as a vegetarian option. Botswana people live off a healthy
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